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The American Dream. Democracy. Rights. Liberty. Opportunity. Equality. There are 2.3 million U.S. citizens and their families who will forever have limited access to opportunities for prosperity and success. Prisons are not only cinder blocks and steel bars they have become human warehouses. Men, women and children released from imprisonment return home to persistent disadvantages coupled with weakened family bonds. The American family is being systematically destroyed. 

In housing these citizens, we employ thousands to not only maintain order but to provide a range services, from nursing care to maintenance services. Civilian/ non-uniformed employees work behind the wall and make a difference. As a Criminal Justice Professor and a former Certified Health Services Administrator in the prison system I am passionate about returning the issues facing our incarcerated citizens to public conversation. It matters that we all understand the importance of and participate in the restoration of their economic mobility and optimism about their futures.

This site is designed to not only inspire all to see the light in humanity, to have the courage to speak boldly and with intellect for those who cannot speak up for themselves but to serve as a resource to civilian employees in corrections who are often an afterthought despite the tremendous value they bring  to the collective D.O.C. intelligence. I will leverage my depth and breadth of correctional knowledge by diffusing it back into the industry.

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"Give me the wisdom to know

what must be done and

the courage to do it."

- Unknown



My dream is to live my passions from the beach. Until then I will live simply, love generously, learn constantly & have the audacity to be present and heard.


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