The Fly Behind The Wall

The greatest cruelty is our casual blindness to the despair of others.

This podcast was created to shed light on the realities of working in United States prisons and jails through the lenses of an industry insider. There are approximately 175,000 civilian employees in the industry. We also explore the impact of incarceration on the offender populations. It is important that we do not forget the 2.3 million citizens incarcerated in the United States and the employees who interact with them on different levels whiles they are in custody. They suffer pains and deprivations that creates a psychological strain that is very hard for them to overcome. Employees behind the wall work under a constant threat of violence and are exposed to hazardous conditions that words can only do an injustice to.

The intent of sharing my personal, vivid Insights is to change the narrative about life, for offenders and employees, behind the wall. There is a need for there to be some balance added to the assumptions that the world has. All insights will be reflective of real events I've experienced in almost two decades of employment behind the wall; exclusive of names, dates, and locations.

Bear in mind that not all prisons are an actual building. We will explore other elements that hold us “prisoner.”


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