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From Pathmark to an industrial conglomerate, nothing has gone as “planned” and I would not change a thing. Each experience taught me more about myself and provided valuable lessons that had to be lived to be truly appreciated; like becoming a mom to my beautiful daughter. It made me think deeper about the world she was going to be growing up in. I am so grateful for all of my lessons. My first career choice was sparked by the loss of a woman very near and dear to me, Glendora Castello, my grandmother. Our experience caring for a home-bound elderly family member compelled me to return to college, Long Island University, for an advanced degree so that I would be in a position to make policy change for those unable to advocate for themselves. (Here’s my career story, if you’re interested.)

Advocating for others is something that has come naturally to me, my mission is to serve. When I see or hear of people being mistreated, there is a fire ignited inside and I am immediately moved to consider what resources I have at my disposal that would be of benefit to the group or individual. Being an African-American woman and dedicating years of study in the African-American experience I am deeply connected to struggle and inequity. In working with incarcerated individuals I have found a depth of humanity where most would least expect it. I am a firm believer that God creates detours to guide you to your destiny. Civilian Corrections Academy,  The Fly Behind The Wall and Conversations At The Wall are where my detour has led me.

“Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined.”

Love Connie!


My Inspiration

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Undeniably, there are some harsh realities that we have to live with. I found myself in positions where I could actually influence change, for the disenfranchised population and for civilian employees who I knew added tremendous family to the Department of Corrections but weren't being appreciated. For a long time I convinced myself that my voice wasn’t big enough and that my voice didn’t matter; one day it did and it scared me. 

Suddenly it hit me, nothing changes if nothing changes! I remained true to my core, learned to serve as an advocate for the population and for the civilian employees who were under my direction. I struck the balance between my fiduciary duty to my organization, my essential partnership with corrections, my unwavering support of my staff and genuine concern for the lives of other human beings, despite them being inmates.  Managing the politics of such a dynamic environment was no easy feat.  

Eventually silence was no longer an option. I was the saint in Caesar Nero’s household. I would USE my voice and my intellect to help those who could not and cannot help themselves. I advocated for the needs of the population and created the Civilian Corrections Academy.

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