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When I graduated with my undergraduate degree in African Studies, from Stony Brook University, I was uncertain where it would take me. I got a job at Citibank on Wall Street in New York City; it had absolutely nothing to do with my major. Unbeknownst to me, I would need the flexibility that being a temp offered. I was able to help my mother care for my grandmother until her transition.

Through that experience I realized that being able to influence policies was the way to help people on a larger scale. I returned to school, Long Island University, and obtained a Masters in Public Health. Shortly thereafter I secured a position as a Discharge Planner in the correctional setting. I also served as union delegate and was later promoted to Health Services Manager. After ten years there I transitioned to the Institute for Community Living, working with the mentally ill population. For a short while I worked with Safe Horizon as a Domestic Violence Shelter Director but ultimately returned to the correctional setting. 

In my new role as Health Services Administrator II, my scope was very broad. Different offenders with the same problems; significant health issues and proportionately sicker than the general population on virtually any measure of mental illness and chronic and communicable diseases. While I was able to have a voice in the environment I knew that there was a side of the operation that I was not influencing so I decided to get an Executive MBA and Advanced Business Certificate from the University of Connecticut School of Business. I effectively filled my knowledge gaps and repositioned myself so that when the time was right I could utilize what I have experienced and learned through the years to help those who had been silenced. My time is now!


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