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The Civilian Corrections Academy was created the learning and development of civilian employees in Corrections. It is our intention to ensure that civilians are adequately prepared for the realities of working in an inherently dangerous, diverse, and dynamic environment. The Civilian Corrections Academy is an innovative and structured approach to training, supporting civilian-specific needs while leveraging the critical thinking cultivated through the synergies created by peer learning.


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To Succeed In Corrections

Offender manipulation at its best is slow and subtle. Inadequately trained civilian employees are vulnerable to manipulation given their limited exposure to the same offenders. Civilians need to be taught how to set appropriate boundaries with inmates, partner with D.O.C. and deliver on the jobs they were actually hired to do. Civilian Corrections Academy will prepare civilian employees for the critical thinking  needed in the highly political and volatile world of Corrections.


CCA 20101

Rules, Rules, Rules!

Gain a clear understanding of the importance of rules, how they govern our actions, and keep everyone safe.

CCA 20102

Who Are You?

Explore who you are, the impact of your presence in the environment and the true impact that working in the environment will have on you. In this module we introduce identity, exploring how insecurities and personalities get targeted for inmate manipulations, and the impact the environment can have on individuals.

CCA 20103

Be Aware

In this complex environment, many things are happening at the same time. Learn how and what to focus on. In this module we will explore the volatility, uncertainty, and complexities of Corrections. Participants will learn the importance of situational, environmental, and physical awareness.

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CCA 20104

Finding Balance

You want to do your best at your job, you will also be expected to partner with D.O.C. to achieve their mission. Role ambiguity and role conflict are inherent in this environment. Participants will be introduced to the Alleyne & Co Cross-Functional Engagement operating model to aid in the navigation of conflict and bureaucracy.

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