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Prior to establishing Alleyne & Co., Constantine was a Health Services Manager on Rikers Island and served as Health Services Administrator II for Connecticut Department of Corrections. She has almost two decades of correctional and human resource management experience, holding a Masters in Public Health from Long Island University; an Executive Masters in Business Administration and an Advanced Business Certificate in Human Resource Management from the University of Connecticut; and a Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University.

Throughout Constantine’s correctional career she has been able to establish trusting partnerships with custody leaderships at all levels; working closely on many significant operational events and investigations. Constantine has lead a number of small and large teams, always leveraging the collective intelligence to make more informed decisions. She sat on the Policy & Procedure Committee for five years, identifying and resolving conflicts with standards and best practices. She served on the PREA Audit Committee for three years, ensuring alignment with the PREA standards, intake assessment and the internal questionnaire. Constantine also maintained N.C.C.H.C. and O.T.P. Accreditation for the five years she managed the Janet York women’s facility in Niantic, CT.

Constantine decided to diversify; taking on a role in the aerospace industry where she manages the operator relationship throughout their contract life cycle. She quickly discovered that although her skills were transferable her heart was in Corrections. In 2018, Constantine established Civilian Corrections Academy, a subsidiary of Alleyne & Co. She is an Adjunct Criminal Justice Professor at Monroe College, training the next generation of civilian employees seeking to enter some aspect of Law Enforcement. Today, she proudly sits on the Middle Atlantic States Correctional Association (M.A.S.C.A.) Board of Trustees while continuously monitoring the correctional landscape and positioning herself to better serve the industry.

Achieve Your Goals

Journey with me as I work to change minds, hearts, self, and our way of life


Supporting the correctional workforce with coaching tools and techniques as they navigate pivotal markers in their careers.


My vision is to allow my personal and professional journey to serve as an awakening to others to how some experiences may be stifling their potential.


This podcast was created to shed light on the realities of life behind the wall through the lens of a former Prison Health Services Administrator.


Teaching the next generation of criminal justice professionals all about prison, punishment, and rehabilitation in the American Corrections system. 

What I Do

Civilian Corrections Academy

An intensive educational program created to bridge the civilian knowledge gap. We offer the workforce critical tools needed to navigate the institutional, physical, and psychological hazards inherent in the correctional environment.

The Cage Was Her Cocoon

An inspirational memoir of circular transformation, expressing pivotal moments that had the power to destroy or develop the author. Included is a four-step guide to lead the reader through their cage to their victory!

The Fly Behind the Wall

This podcast was created to shed light on some of the happenings behind the wall. As a civilian, non-uniformed, employee I experienced jail and prison very differently than an officer would have.

Speaker Hub

Drawing on almost 2 decades of correctional experience Constantine Alleyne immensely enjoys the power and connection of live and virtual speaking events. She utilizes every opportunity to spotlight Corrections and highlight the great work that is done behind the wall to develop Correctional staffers and the inmate population.

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